Tumblestone Collective Virtual Concert Series:

Tumblestone Collective Virtual Concert Series will be in production soon… and being released starting next month, following a Pre-presentation promo campaign(starting with our sponsors for the Series) There has been a misconception that this is a livestream event…it is not. It’s a closed set series of live performance…being captured/filmed/mixed/edited and released individually, paired up with performance acts, and peppered with visual art…to create a cool package, great production, and kick ass series, that captures a moment in time. *and be able to offer it for free to viewers. We are so excited to be doing this…with everyone involved, our friends, and family, extended family, supporters, the bands, the crew, our current sponsors, our yet to be sponsors, partnerships, and any artist that has contributed to the project…with them, and you…we wouldn’t be where we are. Stay tuned for more details, announcements, and other rad things. We can’t wait to share this with all of you 🙂 ❤

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