This is all because of you.

We have officially have just passed our minimum goal set for this campaign… But we can use all the help we can get at this point, to put us in a better position to execute what we have planned, slightly lessen our need to drive harder in the next phases, (*and if possible) add to what we can do/who we can help, and/or include in this upcoming project. We must thank everyone that has shown support for Tumblestone, and this campaign. It means a lot that you care… Know that it is because of you, that we are able to continue. We love each and everyone of you that have helped us (to date). We see you, and it will not be forgotten. If you haven’t yet got around to it, or considered… Please do. It would mean a lot, and so very much appreciated. The better we stand now, the easier it will be for us to proceed. The GFM will stay open for a little over a week, for anyone that hasn’t been able to hit it up yet/or like to help us succeed… and we’ll use this time to gather/prepare for the launch of our next campaign. Thank you, and Much Love. 🙂 <3 We will announce MONDAY what we've been working on. (Stay tuned)

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