That’s a wrap!! …Cheers to all <3

We have wrapped up our season. 3 amazing film dates done, and one hell of a banger of a live event as well. CHEERS to every act that was featured in all/any of the events. Cheers to the sponsors, contributors, crews, volunteers, audiences, participants, or anyone that had shown some love for any/or all of us during these projects, and this mindfvck of a difficult year. It has been a whirlwind, and I’m glad we made it out to see the other side. We are now moving into post production, yet have a way to go to be in the position that we have hoped to be… But have some options, and will be exercising them as soon as possible. Stay tuned for that… Be prepared for promos, info/details about each event, and about all involved, Sponsors, merch drive, and the upcoming start of the releases for the Tumblestone Collective Virtual Concert Series. Something Wicked, this way comes…and we can’t wait to share with all of you. (coming soon to a computer near you) Once again, Thank you to anyone that has shown support…It will not be forgotten. Cheers to you all… and Much Love from all of us 🙂 ❤ …That was unreal, and amazing at worst. 😉 Photo by: Keegan Richard

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