Thank you to all that made “Le Conchon Danseur” …the success that it was.

“Le Cochon Danseur” was all-round absolutely amazing!! Even though numbers were small, the magic was immense. Thank you to everyone that came out to support, and got to taste live music again. Hopefully you a time of your lives, and made some memories, which you’ll hold in your hearts, and minds. It was so nice to feel all that love again. All the bands who preformed were completely on point, and sounded amazing. BLK, Jake Vaillant & the Town, Reckless Abandon, The Thirsty Monks, Forever Dead!, and Vape Dealer… We can’t thank you enough for bringing it, the way way you did. I hope it won’t be soon forgotten. Thank you to everyone that attended, and/or put in effort to make things run smoothly/safely for all. Thank you to the master Will Reedpath for audio and set up, and Intrepid Grand Inc. for the beautiful lighting/control. Thank you to We Knead Pizza for coming out, setting up, and offering tasty ZA for any that wanted/ needed to eat. I would also like to extend thank yous to any sponsor that was carried over from our virtual series(*which still hasn’t been officially announced)… to this last minute event: Sleeping Giant Brewing Co. One Time Brew Co. Intrepid Grand Inc. Hooligan Fuel Hot Sauce, Heartbeat Hot Sauce Co. Equipment World Rentals, CRC Communications, Country Good Meats, Tim’s Meats, & Bean Fiend. It means a lot that you’ve chosen to support this little festival that could. The night was Stellar at worse… and we couldn’t be happier about it. …Much Love to all 🙂 ❤ Next up… Film date #3: featuring Cartwrights, BA Johnston, and The Bay Street Bastards… If you’d like to know more, or how you can attend this Closed set Audience, and get to experience some live music…. PM one of the bands, or us for details. Very Limited space is available… So jump on it!! 🙂 ❤ Photo by: Rob Fournier

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