Thank you from Tumblestone: To the people,crew, artists, and volunteers who helped to make 2022 as special as it was. (PART 3 of 3)

Artists: Melody Covid: The pieces she has made in the last few years are what kinda has carried us. This year was no exception. The “praying” Mantis turned out so wonderful and made things/the whole stage setting look so together, so much fun, and completely on point. Melody also headed up the volunteer Coordination this year… and lessened my anxiety, as I didn’t have to even consider anything…it was taken care of. She did an amazing job at that as well. There were no complaints with the system/or how it was set up/rolled out. *all with next to no complications over the whole course of the event) Thank you for that. Much Love 🙂 ❤ Elgato: …It’s Probably Milhouse. Nathan Cross: The inclusion of Nathan has brought the game to a whole other level. He is such a breath of fresh air/Inspiring to be around, and his work speaks louder than words ever could. We love what he has brought to the table, and what it has allowed us to see (into the future) with his visions, and the possibilities of something even greater (right around the corner) The sculptures look so fucking amazing and really brought that pop that was needed. Thank you for doing this, I hope it was a great experience for you… and can’t wait to do some more. When you get back… Let’s go!!! Much Love Nate 🙂 ❤ Erin Szturm: I am so happy Nate reached out to you, and that you were open to the idea of contributing some artwork to/for this year’s Tumblestone. The pieces you created were incredibly beautiful, had so much whimsy, and were extremely playful in nature, with masterful overall compositions, and strokes. I loved them the second I saw them. I wish I would have got the chance to meet you, and praise you directly. You have a body of amazing work (from what I have seen), and I recognize that big things are coming for/ going to happen for you. Thank you for the lovely pieces, and for being a part of this 🙂 ❤ Marcelo Omegna : Hit it out of the park with his creation of this year’s official Poster. We are so stoked that you reached out this year ( *and that we bit, despite not knowing you) …Which eventually gave way for that beautiful piece to exist/bear fruit. Marcelo is new to town, originally from Santiago Chile. He’s a rad graphic artist/has such a great portfolio of work… we wanted to give him a shot. Even though there was a language barrier between us(and I thought it might be harder to bounce ideas/edits/revisions… He was absolutely amazing throughout the whole process, and was a supreme pleasure to work with. 🙂 ❤ Keegan Richard: We love Keegan and what he has been doing for the scene for quite some time… He really is doing a big part of fully documenting the times (and the memories of these times/the bands/the scene/events) He is a pleasure to be around/work with/and an absolute asset/welcome member of the team. Other than being so awesome…He is attentive, has a great work ethic, sensible, fits right in with everyone, does great work, has a great eye, and does an excellent job of capturing the event(s) as a “whole” ( without any exceptions) In the future… His work will be the map/document of what the scene was/was like/and who was involved. Thank you Keegan for all you do… For Tumblestone. For everyone. For the future. 🙂 ❤ Rob Fournier: I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again…Skate Rats make the best Artists/ musicians/filmmakers/photographers/etc. The approach is straight, no bullshit… and always Fresh/bold/exciting and always true to form, and/or heart/conviction/Artistic merit/ or soul. Rob’s work embodies all of that plus more. He’s got mad skills, and his collections of photos/bodies of work are really something to behold. When he rolls up with a camera in hand… you know some of the magic created, will be captured in true/wicked form. Thanks, Rob Much Love 🙂 ❤ Uriel Lubuk: My BOY!! …I love this cat so much. I miss the days of ripping shit side by side, or back and forth. You have an eye for composition/layout unlike any other that I know. Things just look better when you are involved. It was good to get your hands back into the fold… I now know it’s the way it has to be for this to work. My work suffers when you are not a part of its process. I hope Fatherhood has been amazing for you to experience and grow into. Wishing you, Tab, and Arlo… the best of days to come. Much Love to you 3 🙂 ❤ Crew/Volunteers: Will Reedpath: You’ve had a tough couple of years. I am so happy that things are starting to look better for you, and your family… and that you are on the road to healing. It’s understandable why you thought you couldn’t do the sound this year…and it makes sense. I was worried when we first heard word that we would not have you on the helm. It felt moving forward was not an option (Nor did we want to) …But after you walked me through the proposed game plan/and how the details would be outlined/handled– Things felt like it was possible and we were willing to try. His thought(s) were to enlist to help of Mack Davis, who had just recently graduated/returned from school for Sound Engineering in Toronto. Mack was no stranger, well-seasoned in Tumby (played/been involved in/attended)… and had the perfect vibe that we’d require… It would be a really good idea. (and I agreed without hesitation) The system design/layout/arrangement was the most complex it has been in years (yet appeared small(ish) in size (compared to what we have used in the past) The arrangement of the stage/setup/and speaker array might have been the best it has ever been…Anywhere you moved to had the same/equal (crystal clear) sound. (with no dead/or hotspots anywhere (in 360) of the stage. Thank you for making this year amazing, and helping us through it. Thank you for everything you have done to make these the special events that they are. We Love you (and family)…and like to thank you all for being our friends (family) 🙂 ❤ Mack Davis: When Will told him he couldn’t to the sound this year, I was crushed and immediately worried…but he had an answer already (possibly) in motion…or at least an option. He was excited to enlist the help of Mack Davis, who had just recently graduated/returned from Sound Engineering School in Toronto. Mack was not just another import…He’s been seasoned in Tumby, and has played/been involved in/attended many of them… and had the perfect vibe that we’d require (plus he was into doing it) 🙂 Though the design was Will’s…Mack And Will worked together to bring all sorts of pieces together to create a well-rounded system, with optimum peak level performance, from any location around the stage (in a true 360 degrees) Mack Nailed the engineering and mixes for each act and was quickly/highly adaptable to any style of music, performances/scenes…and what they required. Mack Killed it, time and time again. The whole weekend’s performances sounded absolutely amazing… You honestly did a phenomenal job. Thank you Mack for jumping in the boat, It was quite the wild ride… but I think we did something fucking incredible… Thank you for being a part of it. Much Love to you… Cheers to the future, and what it holds for you 🙂 ❤ Bernie Wolski: Truly a stand-up dude… with a warm heart, and giant smiles. Over the years he has been involved at an exponential rate and has brought so much structure and professionalism to our events. He has a vast knowledge of audio/tech/stage/performance/etc. …and has done a little of it all. This year he helped get things ready/soundcheck/tech stuff/drums tech/ manage the stage and MC… All done with enthusiasm, and a contagious positive vibe that permeated from him. Things run smoother when you are involved, I’d love nothing more than to be able to keep it that way. Much Love Bernie 🙂 ❤ Also, Thank you to all who helped Mack, Will, and Bernie …with assistance with the stage/setups/teardowns/and/or problems throughout the weekend. The ones I can remember seeing were Tony, Kennedy, Markku, but I think there was more… Thank you to all who helped make things run smoother. They. Media & Crew: Thank you to All at They. and for the film crew that came out to capture the weekend in its entirety. The Vision was to let the younger crew get more hands-on experience (in the heat of the moment)…while guided and Yourself, and Spun (from within in the trenches with them/capturing it on multiple cameras) *fixed and handheld. I can’t wait to see what was captured. Thank you to Tony McGuire, Jason Spun, Brandon Rodeghiero, Gagandeep, Nate McGuire, and Bailey Moffatt for all you put in this year to be able to capture that moment in time. Much Love to all of you…From All of us 🙂 ❤ Bevs: Thank you for being a part of this thing over the years. It is important for us to have quality lighting at our events, and you’ve always been a big part of that. Although the system/setup differs from year to year… it still has the same general vibe and feel that one would expect us to have. You are vital to our system, and we like to acknowledge that… and thank you guys for continually being a part of this. Much Love 🙂 ❤ Nathan Ogden: A very warm welcome to you Nathan. It was a pleasure to meet you and Amara. 🙂 When you came out to set up with Scotty, it was quickly apparent that you had skills, and knowledge in many fields… As the night progressed, I got to see it in action. When you programmed the lighting with“scenes”/moods… I knew everything was going to be just fine, despite not having Scotty, and/or Stephan operating. You nailed the lighting and set the vibe with the creation of beautiful arrangements of complementary colors, patterns, and motion that danced so vividly over the performers throughout the weekend. Thank you for jumping on the chance to come out, thank you for all that you did to make this event the best it could be. It was a pleasure to work with you, I hope you’re around for the next one. Much Love to you 🙂 ❤ Stephan Dacey: Always a pleasure to see your face. I wish you were out here with us, but sure you had something decent going on. Maybe next year. Also…Best tear down, in the game. Much Love Bro 🙂 ❤ Eva: Anytime you are involved with anything…things get done, better. If you find anything isn’t working properly…You will address it, and adapt to/and/or with (without hesitation) Thank you for everything you do 🙂 ❤ Curtis & Kerry: This duo is one hell of an asset to the family, and/or team… and has the skills/what it takes for anything. They kill it at whatever they are doing. We love them a lot and are proud to call them friends/family/kindred. They always help out immensely over the weekend, and we can’t thank them for their love, help, and support. Thanks, Guys… Much Love to you both 🙂 ❤ Nick Smith: Brand new to Tumblestone, but was a good friend of Melody’s so he offered to help in any way that he could. He agreed to help at the door.,and immediately fit in with everyone he was working with… and went over and beyond to help wherever needed, and we can’t thank you enough for that. His knowledge of /and the classification of wasps completely won me over. It was a pleasure to meet, and chat with you. Thank you for all your help. 🙂 ❤ Steph & John: Came through last year, when we needed the help… and this year you both offered to come back, and help us with one of our most important tasks…which is the door. It is crucial to have things go smoothly, at the door. It’s always a pleasure to have someone like you two have that on lockdown. I hope you got to enjoy yourselves as well (when you weren’t up there) Thank you for all your help… Much Love, from all of us 🙂 ❤ Erik & Alex: These two are simply amazing…Two of the sweetest you could ever meet. They truly embody the spirit of Tumblestone, and every year we see them roll up with smiles on their faces, and bells on… to do whatever is needed. Whether it’s working the gate/grounds/carpentry/merch/feeding peeps in the morning/ other/etc…and/or whatever is thrown their way. They are always an assist to the whole weekend (time and time again) Thank you so much you two. We love you for all you do to help keep this thing so special. 🙂 ❤ Debbie: You were an amazing help throughout the whole weekend. I saw you here, there, and everywhere (Gate/Merch/gate/merch)… Did you even get to enjoy any of the show(s)? We can not even fathom the amount of energy you put into making things run smoothly, wherever you were stationed (all Weekend long) Thank you kindly from all of us, for all your help. 🙂 ❤ Deidra: In the days leading up to Tumblestone… you came out and took care of the seating prep for us… Those Bus seats needed a good cleaning(to be ready for set up/ use) And it was looking like we couldn’t get to them, but you stepped up, and made them sparkle, and shine. Thank you so much. They turned out amazing. 🙂 ❤ Brad & Emma: Always a great help, and a welcome part of the team… No matter where you were at, and what you were doing. You did a great job as always, and we can’t thank you enough. 🙂 ❤ Mike & Cathy: The station you manned…is one of our most important(especially to keep things secure/safe) …and was hella stoked to hear that’s where you want to be stationed. You two did a great job and made things run super smooth. Thank you both 🙂 ❤ Markku: We needed so much carpentry this year, and you helped us get most of what we needed to get done. The outhouses looked great when completed, and we have a few more to work with for next time. Thanks for everything. Love you bud 🙂 ❤ Troy & Friends: You and your friends that came out to help prior to the festival really helped us get the grounds ready to open. That wood wasn’t going to take care of itself/get off the ground…That allowed us to finally be able to roll/except trailers/traffic/people/etc. Thanks, Guys (to each of you) 🙂 ❤ Jason Cain: This cat is always an MVP. The things you do for us mean the world to all of us. You have zero time, yet put in a lot to help us get things ready for showtime, and that just goes to show the caliber of person you are. This year, the owl looks even better than the day it was born. The color was so vivid/lively/…which brought it back to its former glory/ really made it pop.. and was ready for the spotlight once again. Love you Jay 🙂 ❤ Brian Edwards: We can not thank you enough for helping us keep all our friends safe. It means a lot that you care to help us do this. The First Aid Station is exactly what we need (just in case)… and we couldn’t be happier that you have our backs, with that in mind. You are a welcome part of the team, and we feel so much more prepared for anything with you at our side. 🙂 ❤ Tigerland Crew: Mayk, Dave, and Sean…Thank you for the help in the days leading up to the festival time. Anything I didn’t have to touch was a step in the direction of getting things done. Much Appreciated Guys 🙂 ❤ Thirsty Monk Crew: This Crew finds ways to help, even when not asked. Each one of them has a big heart, and is always willing to lend a hand… and being around them it becomes quickly apparent. Thank you for being so great/ so kind/ so generous …So much love. We can’t thank you enough 🙂 ❤ Forever Dead Crew: Thank you, Jesse and FD! For always being cool… and for the use of monitors/speakers, which helped Will’s visions of full encompassing 360 sound design… Which completely raised the bar, sounded absolutely incredible, and the best setup/configuration/dispersion… that beamed it out equally no matter where you were located. This would not have been possible without the addition of the gear that you provided Much Love to you all 🙂 ❤ The boys in Back Forty: Thank you to them, and Daren Destiny Micheals for the use of the speakers, that Will needed to complete his vision for this year on the 360. It really made a huge difference and helped enormously for us to obtain that. Couldn’t have had it that good, without your assistance/contribution. Thank you, from all of us 🙂 ❤ Sarah & Vanessa: Not only did they run a booth for Cinema5 Skatepark /Female Boarder Collective…They took turns, and worked together to clock a huge amount of time in our Merch Area… Helping us with interactions/transactions for garments, and other merch items. They did an amazing job and kept the concession open later than I thought was possible. Thank you for that, and everything you two had done over the course of the weekend. It means a lot that you did that. Much Love to you two 🙂 ❤ Family & Friends: It was amazing to see all the smiling faces of the ones that we have grown to love/our family (immediate/ sworn in/and new). It means the world to us that you chose to come out/support us/the artists/musicians/all involved. We love each of you and are better because of your caring, and just showing up. 🙂 ❤ Nes/family/My family: It is because of these loved ones…that things even happen. Without their help in life (as well as help for Tumblestone) … It wouldn’t exist. You all mean the world to me… I couldn’t have the things I do without the love and support that I am blessed with. It gives me the strength to fight harder for what I believe in, and for the things I need to do… to make this happen (or anything I take on) My life is so much better with you all in it. (each for different reasons) I love you so much 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ *If I happened to forget anyone in the above, Call me on it… and I’ll make sure to add you in, and give you the credit you deserve. Thank you 🙂 ❤ Wrap Up: We owe everything to anyone that has helped in any way. There is so much to do to make this thing a success… every hand/every bit of support makes this that much easier for us to achieve/ facilitate our plans/and reach our goals (or as many as possible) Even though all/each of most of these things went very well, or fairly decent… it was still not quite good enough to call it a success. *But it did feel that way…until the numbers were crunched. Despite all of our actions, and/or wins…We are at a loss yet once again, with nothing to thrust us into another year. (which is saddening considering the amount of heart/soul/time/effort/money put into this by myself/my family/anyone directly involved) Therefore we have to double our efforts yet again…to be in a position to continue. We do have some leftover stock from the small run we did for Tumblestone. …Random/Various designs/sizes/colors//garments which will be going up ASAP…to raise whatever we can to try to make up a little of what we needed to pay for that. Because our run was small, and we had no time to launch a proper campaign prior to festival… we’ll soon be offering a follow up run for anyone that might have missed it/couldn’t afford it (or at the time)/and/or we did not have the right size/color/garment that was needed. All the designs that were available at Tumblestone this year (plus more) will be offered in this campaign. We are putting together details/options for the upcoming virtual drop…Stay tuned, or holler for inquiries/questions/or to tell what you want. Maybe we have something in stock, or it can go first on the list for garments to be ordered/custom made (prior to official campaign drop) If we will have a future… This drive will be the key to making that a reality. We need all the help we can get… As we’ve tried repeatedly to start from scratch year after year…but it’s too hard to make work, and a fight the whole time through (which makes for a rough year, just by agreeing to it) We have never been forced to fight, or felt like more time/resources were needed to propel us into another year… but here we are. Willing to make changes to our system, for the better good, and less harsh battles. Keep your eyes peeled, and please support (if you can)… it might just make the difference, and we can dance another day. Thank you to all who attended this year, shared info, and /or supported us in any way. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We love you all, and look forward to the next time we can be together 🙂 ❤ Photo by: Keegan Richard

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