Thank you from Tumblestone: to the people and local businesses who helped to make 2022 as special as it was. (PART 2 of 3)

Thank you from Tumblestone: to the people and local businesses who helped to make 2022 as special as it was. (PART 2 of 3) We had very little time this year to pursue sponsors for this event, as we were tied up with prior engagements/obligations… but in that short amount of time did manage to arrange a few of them… which without their help would have been extremely difficult to facilitate. We must thank all of our 2022 sponsors who acted swiftly, without hesitation… and for all, they have done to help make this year’s dream a reality. Sponsorships are crucial to making a good event, better (or at least lives up to its vision). Without support from some of the finest/most compassionate businesses in town… We couldn’t have done nearly half of what we did. It is apparent that they care about local Music & Art, the scene, and the ones that create it. Please support these businesses, in any way that you can. 🙂 ❤ Thank you to our past sponsors, potential sponsors, and or ones we couldn’t arrange in time. We must thank you for any consideration(s) contribution(s) given…for us to get here. and/or apologize if we could have tried a little harder to arrange something for this year (Lord knows, we needed the help) Presented by: Tumblestone: Thank you for all that you are/have given us/and have grown to be. You are(and contain/shelter) my heart, my muse, my soul, my life… I love you, and all you have done to make us whole/ to make us home 🙂 ❤ Diamond Sponsor: They. Media: They. has been involved in past years, with a collection of videos, Filming sets, gathering footage, and documenting some of the memories and moments of Tumblestone..and helping us showcase these acts. 2021 brought them back into the production team… with our most ambitious project to date. (Tumblestone Collective Virtual Concert Series) which featured numerous full high-definition sets from Some of our favorite artists who were mostly, releasing/showcasing New Material created during the pandemic (and hadn’t been able to share) The work was strenuous and long, but the videos of the series turned out really well. The plan for this year was a more chill approach, and They. came into this wanting to help capture some memories… and brought in a younger crew to gain some real-world hands-on experience… As Well as Tony, and Spun on the set as well. I am really excited to see what was captured and figure out a game plan for what’s next. Much Love to They. and all they’ve done to help us over the years, and anyone involved. 🙂 ❤ Gold Sponsors: Sleeping Giant Brewing Co.: You guys have been great to us over the last few years. It’s really nice to see a business that cares about the local music/ art… and the musicians and artists that make it. Thank you for everything you do for us It is much appreciated. Much Love from all of us 🙂 ❤ Equipment World: We can not run this festival without the gear needed. Among other things (from year to year) Power is a big issue for us, and we have to be strategic with it… you have helped make that easier for us to do. We are grateful for your contributions to this festival. Thank you kindly 🙂 ❤ Bruno’s Contracting: Your continued support for this festival is nothing short of amazing. Your contributions allow us to freshen up common areas/ recently worked over spots, and especially the around/on the stage/floor (*and around food areas when we have had them) This is vital, to/for us…as it cuts down on dust, and prevents erosion of the terrain if the rain is persistent/non-co-operative. Thank you, from all of us 🙂 ❤ Dawson General Store: When we decided not to roast a pig/ do the potluck dinner for the safety of everyone (in a post-pandemic climate)…we looked for vendors/mobile units. But could not arrange anything due to unavailability, which deeply saddened us. We happened to reach out to Dawson General Store to see if there were any chance, or option(s) to get any sort of food (made in Store)…and get deliveries out here throughout the weekend. They looked into it, and came back with an outline of menu/options/and strategy to…Keep the store open later than usual/ take orders/time orders to be ready, and delivered at intervals throughout both afternoons until late into the night. It was amazing to be able to not have to worry that because we weren’t doing the dinner, and that we were doomed to starve (unless BYOF) The menu selection was plentiful (nearly anything from the store) and they had 3 special exclusive menu items, which benefited us through the sale of these items(thank you for that BTW)…We did one of each, and everything I tried was absolutely delicious. Thank you to Nancy for hooking this up, and to the rest of everyone at Dawson General Store…for being so cool. Much Love, from all of us 🙂 ❤ Lappe Store: Your support/contributions have meant a lot to all of us at Tumblestone. It’s amazing to know that you care, and feel the love we received. Being our closest store, we do tend to frequent the establishment… and it’s always a pleasure to catch up, or chit chat with any, and/or all of you. Thank you to the whole family… From ours to yours. 🙂 ❤ Arby’s (Red River Rd.): Has been supportive of this initiative since he was approached years ago. Since then they have contributed, with a smile. It means a lot that you care about us, local music and art…and the people that create it. Thank you Arby’s (Red River Rd.) for all you do to help. 🙂 ❤ Silver Sponsors: Vanderwees Home & Garden: Flowers are always the “cherry on top” Even though the grounds are massively sprawling with gardens… the stage, exhibition/common/certain areas need that extra pop of color (and we have a hard time really doing it up… Your donations allow us to really make things (especially the stage area) look so pretty. Thank you for the beautiful flowers, they really made things look fantastic. 🙂 ❤ Lakehead Beer Co.: Fairly new to the scene, Lakehead Beer Co. has been making waves…offering a fresh take, an excellent beer menu, and a great new taphouse downtown PA (shared building with Tomlin Subdivision) We thank them for being so cool. Thank you for your support… And cheers to your future. 🙂 ❤ CRC Communications: Comes through every year with the radios needed for us to coordinate on-site, and for the safety of all in attendance. We wouldn’t be able to run this efficiently without the use of those radios. It is important for us to be able to communicate/coordinate/deploy…to/with any area of the grounds, at any given time. This allows us to do so. Thank you for helping to keep us safe 🙂 ❤ Tru Bilt Homes: Another Lappe Area Business that’s doing great things. Thank you Kindly for your contribution. I know you know a thing or two about building 😉 …and we are appreciative that you recognize what it takes to construct something… and that you helped us achieve that a little bit easier. Thank you, from all of us 🙂 ❤ Merse Motor Electric Ltd./Merse Water Systems: Thank you, Nathan and Merse Motors/Water Systems for your contribution to help make this event run a little smoother. It means a lot that you care. I hope all is well with you. Many thanks from all of us 🙂 ❤ Emmazing Clean: Emma is amazing… I guess, hence the Name of her Cleaning service. She made this place look presentable, after a long summer of us not being able to get on top of it (with all that was going on daily)… It meant so much to be able to get this done before the day, and I was in a bad spot. Thank you so much to you, your family, and all who helped. 🙂 ❤ Java Hut: Joe is an amazing guy. He is so kind and compassionate… It’s no wonder he’s always supported/ sponsored our events. We can’t thank him, and Java Hut for being so awesome to us over the years 🙂 ❤ KC Automotive: Thank you kindly for your contribution to helping make this event happen. It means a lot that you care. A prime example of another Lappe Area business that has its neighbors back. Thank you so much 🙂 ❤ Copper Sponsor: E. Niivila Custom Sawing: Thank you kindly for your support…and for allowing us to dream, and for those dreams to be able to become real. We could not create these pieces without your kind contributions. You are another prime example of a Lappe business showing continual support/and instilling pride in our hearts/minds…for this area we call/made home. Thank you again. 🙂 ❤ D&R Sports: Thank you kindly for your support of this event. It means a lot that you care about us, and what we are trying to do. Thank you so much. 🙂 ❤ Lowery’s: Thank you for the Last-Minute run of Prints of the official poster. That one was right down to the wire… Thank you so much for making that happen, when the outcome seemed grim. It means a lot to have been able to have those on site, Can’t thank you enough 🙂 ❤ Friends Of Tumblestone: Bean Fiend Cafe: Brian and Bean Fiend Cafe have always been good to us. Providing excellent coffee, and the use of equipment/machines… which we rely on (to make it) Thank you for being so cool and providing. It means a lot. 🙂 ❤ Country Fresh Meats & Deli: Thank you for supporting us, and supplying a package to help with hospitality/feed our volunteers/crew. There were some hungry birds, and this helped to put a dent in that hunger. Thank you, It means a lot 🙂 ❤ Buzzy’s Jerzee City: Thank you for your support, and the printing of our newest additions to the Sacred plaques. They looked really beautiful, brought a tear to me eye, and will be loved for years to come. Thank you. Much Love 🙂 ❤ Comix Plus Music Exchange: There is no question that Comix Plus is my favorite local comic book store. I’ve known Gary since I was a little kid… and he’s always been cool to me. He’s a super Nice dude, doing a great service for the people, and has an awesome business that offers some of the raddest things you could find in town. I highly suggest checking it out, If you haven’t been there in a while. He has been a supporter of Tumblestone for many years…and I’d like to take the time to pay respect to him for that. Thank you, Gary 🙂 ❤ Coca-Cola Refreshments: Thank you for Supporting this event and supplying beverages for hospitality/performers/crew/volunteers. To be able to offer both brands is important, as people want what they want. And the ones that want Coke products, don’t want another choice. There was a great selection of drinks, and it was much appreciated by all Thank you from all of us 🙂 ❤ PepsiCo : Thank you for choosing to support this event and supplying your brand’s beverages for hospitality/performers/crew/volunteers. To be able to offer both brands is important, as people want what they want. And the ones that want Pepsi, don’t want another choice. You provided a great selection of drinks, and it was much appreciated by all Thank you from all of us 🙂 ❤ International House Of Tea: It is always amazing to see new businesses get involved, or help us out in any way. It feels good to know there are more out there that are willing to make a difference for us. Thank you kindly for Supporting this Event. 🙂 ❤ Eco Superior: Our Friends at Eco Superior are always doing great things for the environment, the city of Thunder Bay, and the surrounding area through word of mouth/ web/groups//resources/programs/incentives/products/events/etc. They have always helped us reduce our event’s footprint… by providing us with all kinds of products/essentials like information/resources/Pocket Ashtrays/ Paper straws/ Butt stop cans, and other things like that. This is a service we rely on …as we want to reduce this footprint as much as possible for the good of all the environment, and the grounds… as it really helps to keep things a lot cleaner. Thank you so much for the support/services you provide us. 🙂 ❤ Al’s Sewage: After many troubles trying to locate enough Porta potties (to no avail)… Al’s came through for us..and provided what we thought was needed. Thank you 🙂 ❤ Thank you for blindly reaching out to inquire about possibly doing our Official Poster for this year. I remember you sending links to the website, and Instagram to peep…and immediately upon clicking on them to see your work… I knew that you’d smash it out of the park, but was in talks with another… a little time had passed, and I hadn’t heard back about the plan… I decided to let it roll (and so glad I did) The design is so much fun and screams Rock N Roll with a heavy festival vibe. You absolutely nailed it!!. You were a pleasure to work with (throughout the whole process)… and revisions were made as needed, without complaints or complications. The final poster looks so slick, and the prints turned out beautifully. Thank you for reaching out, Thank you for being a part of this. 🙂 ❤ Superior Screen Printing: The designs printed looked amazing!! Thank you for cranking those out. It was so important that we had these garments ready to go, and you guys got it done for us. I wish things would have rolled out smoother prior to (for all concerned) But I think we can still make use of what was outlined…with a follow-up (for anyone that might have missed it, needed different sizing/colors/type of garments, or couldn’t afford it on site. (We’ll chat soon about that). Thank you Dave, Uriel, and all at Superior Screen Printing for being cool/the rushed printing/crushing the designs/and being a part of this thing 🙂 ❤ Great North Graphics: All the designs (of the ones printed ) that were assigned to be “Direct-To-Garment”… Turned out absolutely amazing!!… But we all knew that going into it. Once printed, They were breathtaking. The designs looked so crisp/bold/bright, and were so vivid, and playful in nature…But when printed on that sea of colors… They looked even better and made it that more exciting to see what is available, in what color/size/garment combination. Thank you for the prints on short notice/last minute… Appreciate that! Things get tight…so glad you were able to roll with us. Thanks again 🙂 ❤ Skip The Cone: Thank you for supporting this event… and swinging out on the Saturday. I know it made the people happy as well as put smiles on their faces, and I heard nothing but amazing things from many. It means a lot that you were here and glad you got to experience a taste of Tumblestone. Good luck to you guys, and your new venture. Thank you from all at Tumblestone…and Cheers to your future!! 🙂 ❤ Melodies In Motion: Rick and Linda have been out here many times with Melodies in Motion, which offers BoHo Inspired clothing, festival wear, and such. And are always welcome. They asked at a fairly last minute to come out and set up their tent. However we were not planning on having any vendors this year, we forgot to set up that area…Upon arrival, I did my best to get some power/lighting to the spot you picked out…which normally would have been a good spot, if we were doing the back and forth thing between the 2 stages. (I must apologize for not thinking of that when you selected that spot) I hope you guys had a great time. 🙂 ❤ Cinema5 Skatepark: Thank you Vanessa and Sarah for coming to check it out. Doing so gave you an opportunity for outreach// let our crowd get to know you, your new project(S), and what they are about/ raise funds for the organization/ construction of the new park. I’m glad you two had a great time and were able to raise a little bit while doing so. Thank you for your help with everything 🙂 ❤ *If you don’t know about Cinema5 Skatepark or the Female Boarder Collective… and what to know more about them, their organization, and how you can help (visit them on Facebook, Instagram, or ) TBshows: Thank you to you(and the ones behind) for always keeping the peeps up to date, and promoting anything/everything we have to share. You do a great service and are an invaluable resource for any in, or interested in the music/art scene in Thunder Bay. 🙂 ❤ LU Radio CILU 102.7FM : Thank you for being so cool…thanks to any programmers/hosts/content creators that have shared the gospel/details/ and/or kind words about Tumblestone. You guys are an important part of the glue that keeps this scene together. I hope things get better for you guys real soon 🙂 ❤ It means a lot to all of us, to have your support 🙂 ❤ Superior Tap Co: Thank you for everything you have done for Tumblestone to be up and running(as prime as possible). I hope all is well 🙂 ❤ Thank you to all who helped make 2022 as special as it was. If you, and/or your business would like to inquire about/discuss any involvement in the next year’s festival…Please reach out, as soon as possible. Photo by: Rob Fournier

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