Thank you from Tumblestone: to the lifeblood of this festival, and who helped to make 2022 as special as it was. (PART 1 of 3) Tumblestone 2022 Music & Art Festival was an absolutely unreal experience. I think this was one of the finest events, and considering we didn’t have much to work with… that is quite the miracle, and a feat to have pulled off. It is/was so awesome, and feels so rewarding to be able to create opportunities for well-deserving artists… and have them all nail it/blossom/let go/heal/renew/better themselves from the experience and the connections made. We couldn’t be happier to have had a hand in some of that. There are a lot of deserving local artists that have been involved over the years, and we want them to know that we recognize them/ acknowledge them, the art they’ve put out there, and their dedication to themselves/ their craft (and that they are loved). Even though this year was absolutely fantastic… there are always difficulties/and hoops to jump/ hurdles to overcome. This year, there were a little more than ever before. For the first time in years, it looked like this was our time to be able to return to a Live Format (without restrictions) However things were harder for us than most were previously. Not only were we thinking about/working on this year’s festival… We were also still All In, and working on/finalizing the sessions of our Virtual Concert Series…which we managed to spit out in the days leading up to this year’s dates. This year we were also understaffed prior to/ had a smaller budget than ever before (with costs exceeding our norm) …and very little time to put it all together. Despite all that, we threw caution to the wind, rolled the dice, and went to battle…for the greater good. A return wasn’t as easy as one would think it would be. (Maybe I underestimated what it would take to do so). Hurdle after hurdle is what it took just to get things rolling, and when they did… we couldn’t afford to organize the way we had hoped/planned for. Therefore we just did the best we could, with what we had. We must thank anyone that helped us this year with anything/any task…Big, and/or small. It all made a difference to help us achieve what we were striving for. I ain’t going to lie… it looked like it wasn’t going to happen for a little while, but we decided to push forward regardless of how (and scrambled to work on what needed scaling back) That being said, things quickly became about preservation and not glorification. We began selecting a lineup that would knock the socks off of anyone (no matter what genre that one would be into)… and as always we selected the best quality/deserving/diversified lineup with what we had to work with. Despite being smaller than usual I think the final list/full lineup might have been one of the best (*if not the best) we have ever had/done. We are nothing without these acts/artists/performers/bands/musicians… It is because of them/their sacrifice, that this is even a thing. We can’t thank them enough for believing in us/this thing called Tumblestone… and helping us create an event/vibe that far exceeds, and has more spirit than anything else locally. So much love to these bands, and the members within. Please support these acts in any way that you can. BANDS: Cartwrights: Looking a little different this time around (with the addition of Wayne Marcin on bass) …Cartwrights brought the same magic they always do (to any event). Truly a great group of dudes, doing their own thing (on their own terms) and absolutely killing it. Sadly, I didn’t get the chance to catch as much of this set as I wanted to… because I was running around problem-solving and setting up lighting in needed areas for the first little bit. But I did gaze at the stage every time I ran by, and it did sound really great straight out of the gate… and as Mack quickly eased into the first minutes of his Maiden voyage as Captain of the helm. As I was finishing my task…I noticed it floated quite beautifully in the air, and over the grounds. I wrapped it up and hauled ass to get back to the stage to catch what I could. The remainder (of what I saw ) was flawless, fun, and sounded really good from where I was standing..and the rest was delightful. You did a Bang-up job dudes! (but you usually do) 😉 Excited to hear a bit about the new album (*which might be in the works presently?) May this next recording process/record go smoothly, and that the next few years be good to you. You have paid many dues, it’s time to reap the benefits. You have reached Legendary status in our hearts, this scene/town, and it’s now time the world gets a piece of that 😉 Much Love to you Dudes 🙂 ❤ The Shouldn’ts: Even though this band is new, the members are all veterans of the scene/have a vast amount of years of experience/skills between them. This new formation/direction is so welcome, raw, explosively charged… and exactly what you would want from a rock band. With each show they get under their belt, they gain that much more of their leg(s) back …and each time winning the crowd over with their frenzied performances that command/demand one’s full attention. Their Tumblestone debut performance was Scorching White Hot!! And I couldn’t take my eyes off the spectacle I was witnessing. It was so intense. This band is set up to be a great one. They have a great sound. They are a super rad bunch of dudes(really couldn’t be any nicer) If you haven’t seen them…Do something about that. Attend one of their live shows, peep some videos/ material…and you’ll be turned on to something special. This band kicks some serious ass, and we couldn’t be happier for them. Love you dudes 🙂 ❤ The Bay Street Bastards: The Bastards are a Live Wire… You’re never going to know what it is they’ll be bringing to the party…whether it be new songs/Party Anthems/ multiple new members/ guest members/ a little ruckus/the shit/ the pizzazz…and really, the whole Fn’ party. They. Always. Do. Those hooligans arrive at half mast… kick open the pigpen, looking to rock/and start shit… and muck out waves of it over the whole stage/dance floor (and themselves in the process) They always put on a fun/ energetic set that is sure to lift the spirits of anyone’s sour mood, and transform them into free-range beasts, and/or the party animals that they deserve to be. This year was no different… They brought so much fun with them, they were dishing it out to everyone in heaping handfuls. Once they take the stage, they’re already an 11…and it only goes up from there. I think you guys blew a lot of minds with that set 😉 Love you Hooligans 🙂 ❤ B.A. Johnston: Words can not describe the way we feel about you. Never mind the songs and performances… All I have to do is see your presence/smiling face, and everything is golden. You can bring me out of the biggest funk, and you always reboot/renew my spirit. I know there were many difficulties with your equipment, but i don’t think it was as bad as you might think it had gone over. I thought the performance was really great, as did many of us. Shorter than I would have wanted…Yes. But the quality was top-notch, and the fun was plenty. It was so great to have you with us…For reals. We love you bud 🙂 ❤ Femur: I was so saddened to hear they had to bail 🙁 (Broke my heart) But sometimes shit just happens, and life does what it does..with no control over things we can’t control. Such a Rad bunch of dudes who are great at what they do, and have artistic merit for days. This band is the front-runner/ finest local band that weaves the dark arts, and produces genuine/complex/original/relevant aggressive music. This band has everything in their hands, and they’re surely poised/deserving to see some huge growth in the next few years. (I’ve been saying it for years) Much Love Youngbloods 🙂 ❤ BURY: Bury has easily become one of our favorites in the short time they’ve been around, and this year we were honored to feature their Tumblestone Debut (which was absolutely crushing) The four of them really brought it hard for their performance, and delivered new material including a 14 min mindfuck of a shitkicker… and I hope they caught the eye of the right people. This group of dudes is also sure to do some cool shit over the next few years. We are excited about what the future holds for them and highly anticipate the releases that they have in the works/lined up. Kyle, Doggy, Craig, and Morgan… You guys are so great(as a band/and the personalities behind… Keep doing your thing. 🙂 ❤ Darren Foley and the Luminescence: Mr. Foley, we’ve had a soft spot for you since the early days (when we were young). The sound of your voice, and guitar… was always so heavily saturated, and heavenly soaked in gorgeous reverb and glorious swells. The new configuration of this project had us excited from the get-go. Both Ray, and Wheeler are also dear to our hearts… so this was a perfect ensemble, and this magical debut was exactly what we all needed. What a truly beautiful performance. Couldn’t have been more honored to have this happen out here (and at that hour!!…which I was blown to hear you wanted to own) 😉 Thanks for that (Hit me right in the feels)…Love you guys 🙂 ❤ Lily Taylor: It was a precious moment to see you perform your debut, and even more so when your dad joined you. The fact that you chose to cover Ween’s “Tried & True” … is proof that you are so F’n Cool!!!! We are super stoked that you wanted to do that out here (with us) …and to have shared that experience with you (and your dad) You got life right where you want it… Anything you can dream of can happen. Don’t take any Sh*t from anyone. Reach for the stars kid…You’re going to go far. 🙂 ❤ Planbstrik9: I’m sorry it didn’t work out this year. We were excited to show you what it is we are all about (as we are for any who has not yet been baptized in the fog/winds of Tumblestone) Things happen…No worries tho. (Maybe I could have been more clear) …Next time I’ll make certain I am 🙂 ❤ Sunday Wilde: Sunday!!! Sunday!!! Sunday!!!! So glad you got to jump on, in the final days prior to the show. It was something we thought we were missing, and your presence should be mandatory…so I broke my own rule, and reached out, to make it happen. So glad I did, and I’m so happy that you had such a great time (You looked brimming with joy) Your performance is what was needed at that exact moment, and can’t thank you, and Mike for being a part of it. 🙂 ❤ Manufacturing Consent: Colin, and Mack: Sorry it didn’t happen. Totally was digging the release of meandthebirds EP “Lucid Dreaming About Death” and was eager to see what it would look like in live format.… then what appeared to be a shift in dynamics happened, which seemed like it switched the (applied) project into a new direction (Manufacturing Consent)–This had me more intrigued, as I was unsure what exactly would/would not/could change ( and in what direction) …which in return, made me even more curious. But Alas, ye could not get out of a bind and had to pull the set. (No worries guys) I‘ll see you soon enough (and get my answer) 🙂 ❤ B The Wiz (*B The Wiz, Yung Shalack, O’Rose) : There were a lot of new applications this year, and quite a few of them were from some of the new wave of Rap that has been going on amongst the scene since the pandemic. There was a lot to choose from… But we felt we’d extend the reach to you. You’ve been killing it in the game, and have blossomed into correct form. You have come a long way and paid some dues. You cut your teeth out here the year prior…and we thought that you were the most deserving out of the bunch that we had received. For your Tumblestone Debut…you requested to bring a few others in tow (for the performance)…and the choices were great ones. Yung Shalack, and O’Rose were both a really good addition to the set and fattened it up quite nicely. It’s funny, We considered doing Yung Kings, but opted to Give you the spotlight, and Yung Kings we got anyway 😉 (minus a member/but including the newest) Yung Shalack was our next pick… as he seemed like he embodied the spirit of someone that we could really get down with. He’s got good energy, seems really genuine, is a hell of a dope hype man, has a great flow, and swagger…with a presence that others couldn’t match. Sick Kid…really. O’Rose was really good as well. He’s a really nice guy, was a pleasure to be around, has a great flow to him, and to the bars, he spits. His freestyle ability is a bit more superior to most of the newest generation (that I’ve seen/heard)…and he will no doubt get recognition for it, in the upcoming years. …All these cats will. There will be big things happening for them, no doubt…and we like to acknowledge that now. Much Love dudes, and cheers to the future 🙂 ❤ Hopeless Ghost: We were happy to give this group their Tumblestone Debut. Relatively new to the scene, this bunch of youngsters has been shaking things up this year. It was because one of the members was the son of some cherished family friends…that they were even on my radar. Thank you to them for reaching out. Hopeless Ghost is a fantastic band that gave an incredible performance that had everyone dancing… and began the setting of the tone for the day/and what was to come. Their sound is slightly familiar, but done so through new minds/approach(es)…therefore feels so refreshing (even more so, there’s the fact that ones at this age are playing music unlike anything else that’s common these days) Great stuff guys, Keep up the good work. 🙂 ❤ Milton Shushack: Kyle has been a staple among the local scene (and for good reason)… He is an incredible multi-faceted musician, armed with absolutely ridiculous chops, and skill. Each time he performs, he brings something a little different….and to keep people on their toes, he has a vast repertoire of renditions of classic/or obscure bluegrass/country/folk songs that he can lean into at any time…all of which would/could/did hit home. I must thank him for all the support and love over the years… It really means a lot to be able to include this caliber of player into the mix. It makes our festival look that much better. He’s far too good for us, but he still fucks with us… which we couldn’t be more grateful for. Thank you for that 😉 Much love Kyle 🙂 ❤ Jake & The Town: Hands down one of the most charismatic personalities in the whole scene. A poet, a prophet, an artist–a visionary, a father, a son, a friend, and a loved one (I raise a glass to ye’) You are as magical as a rainbow, a ray of sunshine, and a bright shining beacon of creativity, love, and hope. You had a great couple of years (and we couldn’t be happier for you), but this performance was one of the best I have ever seen from you, and “the Town” (Kyle, Jess, Kevin) What a solid bunch of folk. They do complement each other quite nicely and fill out the sound that we know “The Town” to have. This year seemed like a Holy place of worship/which played out like a celebration/mass of sorts…that positively was instilling life re-assuring beliefs, acceptance, and love via sermon(s) delivered through song and dance…and when you performed it felt like that, times ten. Love you brother 🙂 ❤ Reckless Abandon: As the name implies… This band throws caution to the wind every time they take the stage. An energetic 3- piece powerhouse is equal parts of love, mayhem, and destruction…which are sure to remove the bloomers off of even the coldest of personality types. They are white fucking hot!!!..with no chance of cooling off anytime soon. If you have never seen em’… Do something about that ASAP!! You will not be disappointed. Their sound is very fresh, and the songs are well plotted. The 3 work extremely well with each other and complement each other perfectly. Immediately after the performance… you do want more. “I can’t stop thinking about Tony, wondering where he could be, who he is with, what is he thinking, is he thinking of me, and whether he’ll ever return someday.” Forever Dead!: Anytime Forever Dead! Is available… we can’t not include them. They have become a favorite of ours… and they continuously raise the bar each time they play. Armed with the material from their newest kick-ass album… They rocked Tumblestone to its foundation. Over the years, this band has evolved into something else…far more superior than others in its class. The songs/structures/songwriting/arrangements/attitude/vibe/vocals… are completely spot on, grooving, fresh and free specific sound/or of molds/… They’ve been at it for quite some time, but have only got better, and they are more relevant and hungry today than ever before. Their performances get tighter and tighter over the years, yet they appear to be way more relaxed, and graceful while doing so. The Family Gratz (and Marc) Are absolutely killing it these days!!! And we couldn’t be happier for them, and what comes next. Much Love to you all, from all of us 🙂 ❤ Thirsty Monks: What can I say about the Monks that hasn’t already been said? This band gets better every time they play, and instantly win the crowd over (having them ALL dancing within moments) The Clan of Monks are very special to us, and their presence is always a pleasure. This Band knows how to bring a party to the dancefloor…and this year brought it hard. They had a special performance in mind, all came out in a “Day of the Dead” themed makeup and costumes (That were so absolutely breathtaking ) Not only that they had a guest addition of friend Alex Cummins to take on the role of second drummer/accompaniment/percussions…Which took it to a whole nother level. Even though the stage was packed with so much fun, and chaos…they were so much Fire, and tighter than you could even believe. The movements had so much room to breathe… with improvisational pieces, betwixt between blistering arrangements, funky breakdowns, and chants with/requiring crowd participation (which just kept raising intensity)…Just to be bludgeoned by another assault of waves of blistering solos (one from each/and back and forth)…which positively exploded into the night’s air., and the minds/hearts of all that got to witness…that sort of shit really pulls the audience in, as does the way you guys to pull it together so flawlessly, and bring the party to that stage. Thank you and much Love to all of the Monks (Jen, Bernie, Erik, Kennedy, Richard) & Alex 🙂 ❤ Wax Mannequin: It feels like “Someone fixed the game for me”. Truly an unforgettable experience, and opportunity. Most Definitely Bucket List-type shit. We have been putting feelers out for years, and dreaming of the chance to be able to include you in one of our celebrations… but it didn’t seem like it was possible. We are beyond stoked that the stars aligned this year and we were able to conjure that. A dream come true honestly. Mad respect to/for Wax, his words, catalog of material, art, performances, and the ability to be true to form/self/his craft…and continue to do his masterful things on his own terms. A true artist in every sense of the word. Such an inspirational person to be around, and he also leaves one with loads of residual inspiration/creativity/power to tap into… that blossomed from that seed(s) of those talks/ spiritual interaction/experience. I have found that true artists bring out the best in other artists…and they directly benefit from those interactions (and will carry that with them, for a long time/*maybe even forever). I know I am and will continue to be inspired by those moments for the foreseeable future. I was so happy that you wanted to bring out your “True Form” for the performance… it was the best birthday candle that one could ever ask for. The performance itself was absolutely stellar at worst… and honestly blew my mind a little. (and I’m sure I am not the only one) … It was most definitely one for the books. I was so excited since we first messaged back and forth, and then became extremely excited to hear that you had lined up Justin Sillman, Sean Skillen, and Bernie Wolski to back you for the performance… Now i was highly anticipating this set. Justin, Skillen, and Bernie are absolute monsters… and this performance proved it. With only one Jam, a sit down to plot, and another quick warm-up prior to performance… These 4 played as if they had been doing these songs together for years. (must have been some kind of witchcraft involved) I took a mental picture of the faces of the four of you, during the performance… and it looked like you four were happy, in the moment, and having the time of your lives… yet with precision like focus, and delivering a performance that was sure to have blown the socks off everyone. To dream is to create in the mind’s eye. To facilitate… your mind must be free of disbelief to be able to make it a reality. Cosmic powers and stars aligning are the basis for magic to happen. …And when they do, It becomes destiny. (I think this was one of those times when something else was guiding us all, to become together as one). Thank you for reaching out, and taking a gamble on this little thing we hold so dear to our hearts. It means a lot that you chose to come out, and get a taste of it, and what we are all about. Can’t wait to be able to do that again… Until then, take care of yourself. Much Love, from all of us 🙂 ❤ Alienator: These are the dudes!!…great guys, doing great things. Their sound has always been killer, but they have grown into a whole different animal…that appears borderline feral, ferocious, and wild-minded. I thought the performance was really great. You 3 really do crush it!! And it was awesome to see you back at it (and …out here) I know we were a little later than planned… I’m glad it wasn’t too much of a problem for you and hope that you guys had a great time, regardless. Much Love guys 🙂 ❤ Webby D & Grimmace the Butler: These two have been staples/major players in the scene… yet had not even attended yet alone perform. It wasn’t like we didn’t run in the same circles… We’ve done things together. But it hadn’t been in the cards, until this year. It was a pleasure to finally get you 2 out here, after all these years. I’m glad that things lined up, and it was possible. I am sure this performance might have been one of the latest(if not the latest) sets you’ve performed… I am so glad you guys weren’t sour about that (it is hard to fix things when they run late)…and being no set “shut down”… we have the luxury of not having to cut and shave… as long as whoever is following isn’t worried/have an issue with/ about it. Was hella stoked you got to pull all those peeps back out onto the stage, to dance, and party, and soak up /make the most of the night, and be in the moment… for just a little bit more. The performance itself was fire, fun, and energetic…loaded with all kinds of magic, eye candy, incorporations of performances, crowd participation/interactions/and hilarious Antics…That won that crowd back (and over)…and kept them dancing until the end of the set. Most definitely one for the books. I hope you caught the vibe, felt the love, and now know what it is we are trying to do out here. Thank you to both of you. Much Love 🙂 ❤ Phineas Gauge: Glad everything sort of worked out …and the sacred slot was going to you it belongs to. In Tradition, this slot (festival closer)…was offered to them because of their reputation for having long-winded late-night jam sessions and private shows… known to keep sessions rolling into the crack of dawn…So it was a no-brainer (and they’ve owned this slot multiple times since. This year I offered the same, and they couldn’t swing it…due to prior engagements. However, the stars aligned at that gig fell through. Since I had not found a replacement yet, it was easy to slide them right back in. (if they wanted the slot) Keeping with the same spirit, they did… and delivered a performance that was exactly what was needed at that point in time. Phineas is wild to experience as the group and catalog, can be huge, or small/ Chill, and/or intense, funky, but rocky as hell/as they morph/move around/exchange instruments throughout the whole set… You never know what you’re going to get… or how long they can go/ and how long they can hold the party in their grips. When they have no more gas..our celebration can end, and we can lay to rest knowing another cycle is complete. They are a fun band, and a great one to harness folks…for one last call…to get the most out of their night/get up and dance(and have a blast)…one more time, before we put ourselves down for much-needed rest. Much Love to all of you. 🙂 ❤ Geometric: It was a pleasure to work ya in, somewhere. I’m glad we did. The short set was Mos Def, on point… and delivered fiercely, and with conviction. Seen some of your material here and there, but live was an assurance that you really have some skills/reason behind that lyricism. Thanks for being persistent, and taking the chance to get up there on stage. Another debut for the stage, and one for the books for sure. 🙂 ❤ Mark Menei: Campfire Comedy came to Tumblestone, and we are so pleased it worked out… Proud to say that we finally got to include some comedy in the fold. By doing this, it had us crossing off another want/goal we wanted to achieve. You are building steam with every show that you do, and have people all over talking about the fun that ensues. Things weren’t clear about what you, and Uriel had in mind… so played it loosely. Glad things worked out. Your set was smack dab in the middle of some real mind-melting shit (and maybe not the perfect time)…but it went well, considering… It was a lot of fun, and so hella stoked that we got to do that. Thanks for coming out, and getting a taste of Tumblestone 🙂 ❤ Dan Herneshuhta : Another last-minute addition that went extremely well, and so much worth the effort to make happen. Dan had me in stitches (i had to sneak away, as I was laughing so hard) His material was so dark…but so much fun and straight-up honest as fuck…which might have might have struck a nerve/or went over a lot of people’s heads… But that’s really what good comedy is supposed to be like, and/or all about. Congrats Dan… That was killer. Keep it up 🙂 ❤ Photo by: Rob Fournier