Met our first goal.

We happened to meet our Minimum goal set for our Gofundme Campaign… but we’re holding off to add a little more time for last minute/delayed considerations/support, while waiting to hear word about a chance at something that could have been a game changer, for all involved. We are saddened to hear, it didn’t pan out ..Therefore we must try even harder, to get the same result. Tumblestone could use all the help we can get, to execute this project the way it was written/deserves… and will keep the GFM campaign open for a little while longer for remaining people that might want to consider and/or contribute…as we finish adding Merch options/items/”perks”/and descriptions to our upcoming Indiegogo campaign. (please stay tuned) We are now pleased to finally be able to announce some details about what we have been working on. Tumblestone Collective Virtual Concert Series… will feature 8+ Pre-recorded full length performances, filmed separately (on location) over the Summer/Early Fall…and Mix/edited/released once a week in a controlled manner via various platforms (*for Free, unless we fall short of our goals and are forced to consider charging fees for viewing(s) We cannot wait ,and are so excited to share who will be involved!! However, will do so in a trickle. The acts that will be performing will be announced one at a time in coordination of 10% increments/Milestones via Indiegogo camapign. Every time we meet a mark.. another act will be announced, and/or news/details/initiatives/items, and other. We are prepared to scale forward or back on this project, depending on available funding … But hope to be able to exceed expectations, and will fight to be able to include others as well (if at all possible). With a little more help, from our friends, families, audiences, and community…this might be possible. If you haven’t already considered, or got around to helping us achieve something great… Please do, give it some thought,It could make a difference. Thank you to all that have help us get to this point (*It will not be forgotten) …So Much Love.

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