Gearing up for the next wave of details

We have been a little quiet as of late as we’ve been busy focusing on figuring out some things and organizing everything that we know (to date) as well as the extension our sponsorship drive (Some of which are still pending, and we are in talks with others) …We were hoping to have announced by now, but want to do so right, with all fully accounted for… so will give it a little more time before announcing. (Stay tuned for that ) The videos are coming along nicely, and closer to being ready. The mixes are being worked on, and nearly completed. We’re looking at garment/pricing options for our Merch Drive, and working to get everything in order… before making posts/announcing dates. We are itching to share details about the series, the release schedule/dates, who the sponsors of this season/this project have been/ is, the Merch drive, and it’s contents… but are taking our time to get everything straight/accounted for before throwing it out there. It’s been a long road to get to this point, and we are excited to be nearing the finishing line. Thank you for your love, support, patience, and understanding 🙂 ❤ In the mean time… Will post some more photo sets that were captured during the course of our film dates/season. Photo by: Keegan Richards

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