2 down, 1 to go(Thank you to all involved):

2 Film Dates done!! Over 2 nights this past weekend… Tumblestone, Will Reedpath and Intrepid Grand Inc. set up and lit the stage for the first time in 2 years… and 6 amazing bands brought supernaturally powerful performances to The 360 Stage at Tumblestone…. which felt so good, to feel again, after a long dormancy. Jamie Smith, Morning Light, Forever Dead!, The Doggett Experience, Pedestrian Lifestyle, and Femur… Each brought their “A game”, and cranked out some of the best performances i’ve ever seen them play (*to a closed set audience) It was all captured using new film gear by They. Media ( Tony, Brandon, and Spun) Photography from Keegan Richard, and Jason Spun and masterful Audio precision By Will Reedpath. *I saw all the performances, I’ve see the footage, and heard some mixes…. And it’s all insanely awesome! I know this is going to be superior to anything we have ever done before. We won’t be starting to release this Series until Later September(TBA) …but can’t wait to share with all of you. We’d like to thank anyone who has been part of, and/or contributed in any way to get us to this point. It means a lot, and we love you for it. We have one more date to go, and excited to get closer to wrapping up the filming. We will be releasing more info/ details very soon about everything going on… Including, introducing our Sponsors for this Series. *Next Up… “Le Cochon Danseur” (*Event/info can be found on our page) Photo Credit: MNRD Photography

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