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Get in on the action early.Take advantage of the lower cost(Pre-sale),and guarantee yourself a spot at the Festival.
This first block is intended for the true believers (limited to 100 units) …with the price increasing as new blocks are released.First come, first served… So act in a timely matter to ensure savings ,and ultimately…attendance. You won’t want to miss this event.

The lineup hasn’t fully been determined as of yet (TBA) But as you already should know…You’ll be hard pressed to find a better one. We Have Some very special things planned for this year, and excited to soon announce.

A ticket will get you:

  • Access To the property.
  • Full access to the music, all weekend.
  • A spot in the line at the Pig Roast.
    *Please Bring dish/dessert/snack/or something to add to Saturday’s potluck dinner(Keep chilled until dinner)

Camping is free, and encouraged. However limited space is available for trailers/RVs/Motorhomes (especially the larger ones)   You will be asked to pay at the gate, based on the size)

For RVs, you must contact one of the festival organizers with details on size,and to arrange a spot.  *First come first serve access to an RV spot.


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