SNHK cassette – Who killed John Todd?



01. The Ghost Of Doug Stanhope Takes A K-Hole Freefall
02. Sneeze Forks
03. Elvister Crowley
04. 13 Is 14
05. H.R. Gagger

06. Chop House
07. Gasp Spoons
08. Marching Powder (Original Sniff Mix)
09. Footer Scag
10. Paging Mr. Collins

All Music And Words invoked, evoked and arranged by SNHK

Mixed by SNHK

Mastering and additional mixing by Chris Goudreau

All Artwork by Ed Blanchette

Layout by Uriel Lubuk

Scratches on “Sneeze Forks” by DJ Ghost

Originally released April 20, 2014


Saturday Night Hot Knives is :

Kyle Ball (k)

Ted Lee (Bleat)





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